Jean Kraus

Program Administrator

My husband’s employment brought us to Colorado in 1998-2004 and again in 2010.  Good thing, because we missed the 300+ days of sunshine each year!

Working with volunteers has been my privilege for over 20 years.  What a great way to meet amazing new people and share in their aspirations, whatever they may be. Congratulations to our rock star volunteers and staff for making CAPS an internationally award-winning program!


Barbara Miller


Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, I escaped the world renowned blistering snow storms and headed for the Sunshine State!

Florida was home for nearly 30 years where I worked as a law enforcement officer.  Retirement brought me to the Rocky Mountain State and eventually, a new job as a CAPS Coordinator.

The most enjoyable aspect of my work is conducting interviews because I love listening to you and I’m honored to hear your incredible “life stories.” 

Thank you for making this job so special!