“We’re extremely proud of our city’s CAPS Program.  There is no finer example of a volunteer program making a positive difference in a community.” Mayor John Suthers


As a member of the CAPS Leadership Committee, it is so rewarding to see how far we have come. I could never have imagined our program would have achieved such greatness in this short period of time. Congratulations to the staff and volunteers for making us the unique program we have established.  Mary Ellen McNally


“CAPS volunteers are an invaluable resource in Emergency Operations Center activations, as well as in day to day operations in the Office of Emergency Management.  The volunteers are well prepared and have proven themselves very capable.” Colorado Springs OEM Director Bret Waters


“With every hour CAPS volunteers serve, there is a positive impact on department workload.  They are…….simply the best.”    Chief of Police Pete Carey


“Our CAPS volunteers are valuable members of our team. Their tireless efforts truly advance public safety in Colorado Springs.”   Fire Chief Ted Collas


The volunteers who provide service at the Kiosk are a great asset and help improve our community service in the DTA!    Sergeant Scott Wisler


“It is informative, enjoyable and educational to work with Sgt. Wisler and his DART officers.  I enjoy most being able to assist the people who ask us for help.  Another equally enjoyable aspect is dealing with the good “Samaritans” who turn in items they have found! (wallets, keys, credit cards, urn, vehicle plates etc.) I believe we are able to take some of the load off the DART officers.”      CAPS Volunteer Harry Y.


“I have volunteered many places and I feel more appreciated here than everywhere else combined.”    –  Core Training Evaluation Comment 


“I am so happy that I discovered CAPS and the myriad volunteer opportunities available. Everyone  is so friendly and helpful. Having retired nearly four years ago from a 43-year career at an aerospace company and two years prior to that at a defense company, I have become energized since I began supporting the Public Affairs Office. I feel I’m making a contribution; it’s a terrific opportunity to use my experience. I appreciate your efforts to help citizens find ways to assist in the community.  It takes a great deal of behind-the-scenes effort on your part to make CAPS the successful program it is.”    Elizabeth


“My internship with CSPD has been eye opening and intriguing.  It has solidified my desire to go into law enforcement and allowed me to further my understanding of the police community relationship.”  Jesslyn


Volunteering for the CAPS Program is the most fulfilling volunteer work I’ve ever done! You’d be amazed how much work is done within our city departments by well-trained CAPS volunteers. The staff and other volunteers are super friendly, helpful and very appreciative. I feel like I’ve made a small but important contribution towards supporting our Police and Fire departments which is an awesome feeling! As an added benefit, the CAPS program offers free training classes improving your office skills and so much more.”     Tamala S.