Thank you for your interest in the CAPS Volunteer Program!

Please Note: The majority of our needs are M-F from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. 

Current Needs:

Administrative Assistant

Would you like to enhance your professional skills? These volunteers provide general clerical support to the department/unit staff, including data entry, filing, scanning, answering phones, etc; and you will experience firsthand the operations of Colorado Springs Police Department.

Crime Prevention Volunteer

Volunteer will have the opportunity to interact with community members desiring safer neighborhoods and would have the satisfaction of helping with the department’s mission of crime prevention through community educationHandles all incoming calls to hotline. Conducts outreach to apartment rental properties throughout Colorado Springs with the focus on reducing crime. Maintains program database and related reporting.

Crimes Against Children (CAC) Unit Assistant

Are you looking for Meaningful Work –  CSPD needs your help to protect and serve this fragile victim population. You will assist with a critical process in CSPD – and your work may help protect children from further abuse. Volunteers will provide support to families of children affected by crime, as needed. Provide supervision to children (child victims and siblings) while parents are meeting with CAC staff.

Impound Facility Volunteer

The Impound lot would love your assistance! Assist Impound Technicians in daily functions of Police Impound Facility to include assisting technicians with administrative tasks, going in and out of building to locate cars, obtain VIN numbers or retrieve items from impounded vehicles, monitoring grounds of the Impound Facility and operating security gates.


Do you have the gift of capturing life’s most precious moments on film? Our photographers work closely with staff and guests to capture photos of people, places and things through the use of creativity and technical abilities using photographic equipment and photo manipulation software. Providing memorable and historical photographs for the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Victim Advocacy Academy

We are now accepting applications for volunteer victim advocates. Applicants must be able to attend the CSPD VAU Volunteer Victim Advocate Training Academy, successfully graduate and be accepted into the program. The 2021 VAU Volunteer Victim Advocate Training Academy includes approximately 72 hours of training. The academy is comprised of four-hour classes given twice a week on Monday and Thursday evenings for approximately 8 weeks. Participants will be trained in victim advocacy skills including crisis intervention, community resources, and Victim Advocacy Unit operations. Applicants must be able to commit to at least one year of service with VAU after completion of the academy and acceptance into the program.

Crime Tip Processing Technician

  1. Volunteers staff crime tip lines and forward information to appropriate law enforcement agencies at the direction of the Police Lieutenant.
  2. Volunteers also inform the Crime Stoppers Board of reward-eligible tips.
  3. Training will be provided in the call center and will focus on interviewing skills and the use of tip-processing software.
  4. 3-4 hours, any day of the week

Spanish, Korean or Chinese Speaking Skills

Bilingual volunteers who are proficient in one or more of these languages are needed in a variety of roles across the police and fire departments.

Examples include: Citizen’s Academy, Chaplains, Espanol translations, Investigations and others.

Social Media

Skilled in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr or Periscope?  Are you familiar with Canon XA10 camera set up and shoot video, Adobe Premier Pro DC 2015 video editing software, iMovie iPhone video editing app, Creating Facebook Live videos or creating slideshows in smartphone apps?

If so, we’d love for you to share your talents.

VIN Verification

Under the supervision of our Community Service Officers, volunteers will provide VIN verification service to the general public, at one of our 4 police substations.

This includes: completing mandatory VIN verification training, conducting VIN verifications using Form DR2698 and ensuring paperwork is processed appropriately.


Chaplains provide the Police and Fire Departments and citizens of Colorado Springs services on a regular basis; 24 hours/7 days a week. They build and maintain an attitude of cooperation and mutual respect between the departments and the citizens. Members of the Chaplaincy Corps are on-call for counseling, consultation and other forms of human crisis intervention. You must be a full-time or retired clergy, ordained and licensed or have completed Clinical Pastoral Education.

To promote the quality of life in Colorado Springs by providing police services with integrity and a spirit of excellence, in partnership with our community.
Providing the highest quality problem solving, fire and rescue service to our community since 1894
Responsible for providing mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery and coordination for large-scale emergencies and disasters, both natural and human-caused, to the citizens of Colorado Springs for the purpose of saving lives and preventing property damage.
Outstanding Achievement in a Law Enforcement Volunteer Program

International Association of Chiefs of Police

The CAPS Program was selected to receive this award for Support of Front Line Forces. The turtle on the fence post signifies service and support to others in that "it did not get there on its own."

Fisher DeBerry Award

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